I’ve worked in the hospitality and beverage industry for almost 20 years, holding every position from busser to bartender to manager, to event planner, to spirits brand ambassador, to consultant.

Every private event brings with it hundreds of tiny details and includes a tremendous amount of pre-planning, delivery coordination, on-site logistics management, and staff training and oversight.

My 2 years of work as a spirits brand ambassador for Bacardi were particularly enlightening, as my team was regularly called upon to coordinate logistics for high volume, high profile regional and national cocktail events, as well as to provide general event management and emceeing services. I can tell you that executing craft cocktails consistently and at volume is insanely difficult, even for incredibly skilled, incredibly experienced event planners.

 When planning a cocktail event you need to vet or develop the cocktail recipes, understand what spirits brands are interchangeable and which are not, source fresh ingredients from appropriate sources, calculate yields for juicing and syrups or infusions, accumulate appropriate batching equipment, hire bartenders to calculate the proportions in the cocktails in large quantities, distribute all the goods amongst the bars, and train the staff in minutes how to make the cocktail to your specs.

This crazy complexity added on top of general event logistics results in planners and hosts far over-ordering, incurring higher costs to the client, or under-ordering, and serving inconsistent, incomplete, or just bad drinks.

 Enter Swig + Swallow’s Batching + Delivery Service.

I know this is a shameless pitch, but frankly, had this existed when I was regularly hosting large events, I would have used no other service.

Batching + Delivery is simple. The organizer (spirits company, event planner, chef caterer, corporation, etc) answers a few questions telling us how many cocktails they want to feature, how many guests are expected, how long the event will be… etc, and we calculate number of total cocktails, quantities of alcohol and mixers needed. Due to the logistics of liquor licensing, the organizer or venue will order the alcohol to arrive at the venue (we'll tell you what and how much.)

The magic part is that we order and batch all non-alcoholic mixers off of the premises, leaving space in each batching container with a line indicating where to fill with alcohol to complete the drink!

There is literally no measuring on the part of the organizer, no confusion about what types of juice or cordials or garnishes should have been ordered, no more making syrups in the bathroom or washing batching containers in the hotel shower.

 And what’s the downside you ask?

Well for now, we’re just in the New York Metro area….but, we’re always open to requests! Follow the link above to get a quote, or if you just want to get in touch, send me a note at april@swigandswallow.com

Happy drinking!!!

April Wachtel, Owner
Swig + Swallow

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