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In the year and a half Swig + Swallow has been in business* we’ve received 3 complaints about our product or shipping issues, and 2 calls where people were confused about the shipping option they chose.

That’s it.

Over thousands and thousands of bottles sold, and many thousands of samples tasted, you’d think that would be a good sign.

But it’s not.

You see, our company, Swig + Swallow produces fresh cocktail mixers for iconic cocktails, like the Margarita, Moscow Mule, and Mojito. We are the first mixer company to intentionally half-fill the bottles, leaving room to add spirits directly to the bottle to complete the drink, no measurement required. As veterans of the cocktail and spirits world, my co-founder Gates Otsuji and I know this is the best way to drink craft-quality cocktails at home. Not only are we providing the same fresh ingredients you’d find in the top cocktail bars, but we’re perfecting the balance between citrus, sweet, and natural flavors, so you can just add your spirit of choice to the line on the bottle, and poof, you’re done!

But back to the problem.

Especially because we’re first to market with this concept, we are thirsty for feedback (no pun intended.) We know when we sample people on our product, they love it and they buy it. Press has been good to us too, so we’ve been lucky. But most friends and allies are unreliable, because they will tell you the great things about your product, and leave out any bit of criticism, regardless how small. And, what people don’t understand is that feedback is the most valuable asset we could have…without it we have vision, but we move forward with blinders. 

Besides the thousands of conversations we have with consumers and trade alike, we’re looking for other ways to encourage this feedback, and we’re open to any and all suggestions on how to cultivate more of this. We installed Yotpo into our site this week to host public reviews, and we earnestly want honest feedback. If you want to help us bring you the best product possible, please either review us on our site, or if you’d prefer, send us private feedback using the contact page on our site, or by emailing me,

Seriously, tell me what we’re doing wrong, please…. 


Many thanks!

-April Wachtel

Founder/CEO, Swig + Swallow


*With this business model- technically I ran this as a B2B service for spirits companies and catering companies prior to 2016.