6 Pack TSA Sampler (makes 6 drinks)


6 Pack TSA Sampler (makes 6 drinks)


This sampler pack includes one TSA-friendly bottle of all 6 of our mixer flavors. Each bottle comes half-filled with mixer (2.25oz) leaving room to add one 50ml bottle of spirits directly to the mixer bottle to complete the drink, no measurement required.

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The 6 Pack TSA Sampler comes with the following; you supply the spirits, ice and glassware if desired.

  • 1 Bottle each of of our 6 TSA-friendly mixers (each bottle makes 1 drink)

    • Moscow Mule (pair with vodka, or switch it up with any other spirit)

    • Margarita (pair with Tequila or Mezcal)

    • Mojito (pair with light rum)

    • Cosmopolitan (pair with vodka or citrus vodka)

    • Gimlet (pair with gin or vodka, or rum to make a Daiquiri)

    • Sour (pair with any spirit- we like whiskey or gin)

Add one 50ml airplane bottle of spirits to each mixer bottle to complete the drink!

You can easily lengthen out your cocktails by topping with a splash of seltzer water or sparkling wine, and for a mocktail version, our mixers are delicious mixed with seltzer, tea, or water, served over ice.