6 Pack Mini Sampler (makes 12-15 drinks)


6 Pack Mini Sampler (makes 12-15 drinks)


This sampler pack includes one 8 oz "Halvsie" mini bottle of all 6 of our mixer flavors. 

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The 6 Pack Mini Sampler comes with the following; you supply the spirits, ice and glassware if desired.

  • 1 Bottle each of of our 6 "Halvsie" Minis (each bottle makes 2+ drinks)
    • Moscow Mule (pair with vodka)
    • Margarita (pair with Tequila or Mezcal)
    • Mojito (pair with light rum)
    • Cosmopolitan (pair with vodka or citrus vodka)
    • Daiquiri (pair with your rum of choice)
    • Sour (pair with any spirit- we like whiskey or gin)

You'll need (4 oz) of each spirit to complete the drinks in the 6 Pack Mini Sampler- remember our mixers come half full, so you mix directly in the mixer bottle. Just fill to the dotted line on the bottle, shake, taste and add more if desired.

You can easily lengthen out your cocktails by topping with a splash of seltzer water or sparkling wine, and for a mocktail version, our mixers are delicious mixed with seltzer, tea, or water, served over ice.

**Please note that we ship our mixers on ice packs, and in order for them to arrive cold, they must be shipped with 1-2 day delivery. If you select a shipping option longer than 2 days, they will not arrive cold.