Our Story


Founders April Wachtel and Gates Otsuji have spent a combined 44 years in food and beverage. Most notably Gates ran the cocktail programs at the New York Standard Hotels for eight years, and April was a brand ambassador for Bacardi, a cocktail instructor at five schools in New York and Philadelphia, and has been a consultant with Diageo & Inspira Marketing for the past three years.

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When Wachtel and Otsuji launched Swig + Swallow in 2016, it was with the intention of bringing craft-quality recreational beverages to the masses, ensuring that anyone could make and enjoy the highest quality cocktails (and non-alcoholic cocktails), regardless of skill. They conceived a collection of mixers for “sour-style” cocktails, like the Margarita, Daiquiri, and Cosmopolitan, using only fresh juices, and all-natural house-made syrups like you’d enjoy in the top cocktail bars around the world.


In order to foolproof the cocktail-making process, Otsuji and Wachtel balance the citrus and the sweet components, and sell the mixer bottles half-full, leaving only enough room in the bottle to add the proper amount of spirits (or seltzer) to complete the cocktail, no measurement required.  


Wachtel and Otsuji are excited that this first collection of mixers has been so well received, and are looking forward to creating more delicious beverages for people to enjoy around the globe.