Hello, Wild Birds!
In our recent ginger-juiced adventures, we've neglected to update you on our progress. But never again.  You're gonna wanna sign up for our newsletter if you haven't already. In addition to product updates it'll feature: 

  • news of where we are (we know you get worried and we'll never play with your heart again)
  • flash sales (to cruise you through this summer)
  • list of places to find our mixers 
  • links to our playlists (so you can shake your bottom while you shake your bottle)
  • updates for the blog!

Speaking of the blog: if you're curious about how Swig + Swallow mixers are made, check back here for our blog series on the process currently titled, "In The Limelight" (because how punny, right?). 

One last thing! 
Swig + Swallow will be at the ACE Hotel in NY this Saturday on May 12th from 3 - 4 PM for the Food Book Fair handing out samples so swing by! 

Thanks for reading and remember to keep it classy! 
Your pals at Swig + Swallow

Puppy, meet Lime. Lime, meet Puppy. 

Puppy, meet Lime. Lime, meet Puppy.