If you've ever produced a large event you've seen the madness.

There's a million moving pieces, and dozens and dozens of emails are sent back and forth between clients, event managers, bar managers, staffing agencies, venue representatives, and a multitude of vendors.

Coordinating vendors to arrive in the proper delivery window is a task in and of itself, and the stakes are significantly higher with large cocktail events. Signature cocktails must be batched beforehand for service at volume for consistency, ease, and speed of service. A hangup with a single produce delivery can derail the entire batching process, and even an innocent miscommunication in ordering (lime cordial vs fresh lime juice for example) can ruin hundreds or thousands of cocktails.

Swig + Swallow's Batching + Delivery was designed specifically to resolve the pain points around executing cocktails at volume. We call our promise 'The 4 C's.'
Here's how we do it.



We utilize our extensive experience in event production, craft cocktail bars, and cocktail batching to determine how many cocktails you'll need to fit your guest count, event length, and budget. We tell you exactly how much alcohol you need to order, and we prepare and deliver all the fresh nonalcoholic mixers and garnish, prebatched in the proper ratios. All you do is add the alcohol.


  • Recyclable Containers (painless no-cost prep + cleanup)
    We deliver our batch in recyclable jugs with the perfect amount of space left in the container to add your spirits. This eliminates the need for purchasing, washing, maintaining, and pickup of large cambros. 
  • Convenient Sizing
    Unlike cambros, our gallon jugs are conveniently sized and have a handle for pouring. This enables easy storage on ice or in lowboys, and ensures that pouring the finished cocktail is as easy for petite promotional specialists as it is for burly bartenders and barbacks.
  • One Vendor, One Delivery
    Because we have done all the sourcing and batching of ingredients prior, there's no need to coordinate vendors for dry goods, produce, and restaurant supply.
  • Bottles for Distribution
    We include a disposable funnel with every order in case you're distributing the batch into smaller bottles or carafes. We provide the option to purchase unbranded glass liter bottles and speed pourers if necessary.
  • Seven Day Delivery
    For your convenience we deliver in 2 hour windows, 7 days a week. We can take orders as late as 48 hours in advance.


The main reason you batch cocktails is because you don't know the skill levels of the bartenders at the venue, and you need to ensure drinks taste delicious and are quick to execute. But, if you do batch, there's all the organizational challenges around batching in a limited time with limited tools at the venue, under conditions that were not designed for large scale drink production. We take the constraints of the venue and the unpredictabilities of staffing out of the equation.

  • Quality
    We produce all of the fresh juices and custom syrups ourselves and vouch for freshness and quality.
  •  Professional Facilities
    We batch all cocktails in our federally inspected and regulated commercial kitchen. (Standard practice is to batch on hotel floors, in venue bathrooms, or in any available space.)
  • Practice Makes Perfect
    Because we execute events every week, we don't have to relearn a skill every time, or invent new batching metrics like most bartenders do. We apply our experiences from all our past events to ensure you'll have the same great experience and quality product time after time. 
  • No Brainer Execution
    Our process is so simple, it literally only requires you to add alcohol directly from the bottle at the venue. This ensures that anyone can complete the batch- whether it be a server, bartender, brand manager, intern, or random person off the street:) No measuring cups required.

Cost Savings

We determined our pricing based on the cost of goods, labor, delivery, and the promise that we will deliver a consistent, superior product and experience every single time. Here's how this actually results in cost savings for you:

  • Product Savings
    Event attendance varies tremendously from event to event. You don't want to run out of product, but you don't want to over order. Our simple 'just add alcohol' process enables clients to only add alcohol to the amount of batch they think they will use.... in seconds they can batch the remaining gallons, or conserve their costly alcohol if attendance drops.
  • Time Saving
    Our process saves time (and consequently money) by packaging consultation in with batching and delivery. We do all the hard work that would take upper management hours of time and effort, and would require many more man hours from consultants and bartenders batching and overseeing the process.
  • Corrective Action
    Last but not least, our expertise plus our capabilities as a one stop shop for event production enable us to think of every detail ahead of time, and minimize corrective actions in the moment. We'll ask you if you need additional garnishes, bottles, and more, so in the eleventh hour your staff is on site ready for service, not scattered around the city sourcing product.