Do you add any artificial flavorings, colorings, or preservatives?

Our mixers are made from only all-natural ingredients. We add zero artificial flavorings, colorings, additives, or preservatives. When we say "all-natural" we mean that all of our mixers comprise a citrus juice component, and a custom-made syrup component. The citrus is either fresh lemon or lime juice, and the syrups are all hand-made the way they are prepared in the top cocktail bars around the world. We use only cane sugar and/or agave for sweetener, fresh mint, fresh ginger juice, fresh cranberry, and real, whole spices. Three of our syrups are "oleo saccharums", meaning we macerate citrus peels in cane sugar to add complexity and depth of flavor.

Are the mixers shelf-stable, and how long is the shelf life?

Our mixers are refrigerated, not shelf-stable. The shelf life is 6 months if they are refrigerated and unopened. We will ship product from our site with at least a month of shelf life remaining, unless otherwise specified. Wholesale we will ship with 60-90 days of shelf life. The mixers also freeze well, which will further extend shelf life. Refrigeration is for quality, not for safety, so leaving the product out of refrigeration for short periods of time will reduce shelf life. We recommend that you always refrigerate or freeze your mixers whenever possible. 

If you don't add any preservatives, how do your mixers last 6 months?

We use a process called HPP, or High Pressure Pascalization to extend shelf-life and eliminate any potential pathogens. This is the process of choice for all health juices, as it maintains flavor and nutritional content better than any other process. The particular composition of our recipes allows us a longer shelf life than average for HPPed products.

How much sugar is in your mixers?

It varies per mixer, but the range is 10-18 grams per serving. Serving size is 1.6 oz. Click on individual mixers in "shop" page for complete nutritional information.

How did you decide on your serving size? This seems small to me.


Our mixers are intended to replicate cocktails you'd find in the best bars around the world, and as such we add less water than many mixers. We leave enough space in the bottle to add the equivalent amount of spirits to the mixer bottle to complete the drink (a 1:1 ratio.)  For best results, the completed "batched cocktails" should be poured over ice, shaken with ice, or poured over ice and topped with seltzer (in the case of the Mule and Mojito). You ideal cocktail should have 20-25% dilution via ice melt for optimal balance.


How quickly do you process online orders?

If orders are placed over the weekend, we ship Monday, unless there is a Monday holiday. If orders are placed before 12pm EST Monday through Wednesday shipping via USPS, we ship out same day. UPS orders placed before 5pm Monday through Wednesday will also ship out same day. Orders placed Thursday or Friday will be addressed on a case by case basis, as we need to ensure they don't get stuck in the mail over the weekend. If you place an order on either of these days, we will reach out for your approval before shipping.

**If you are ordering in proximity to a holiday, please remember to check our website announcement bar for shipping updates.

How do you package orders for shipping?


We pack our mixers in thermal insulated boxes with ice packs. The ice packs stay cold for two days. If you choose a shipping option that exceeds two days in transit, the product will not be cold upon arrival. Per the above FAQ on shelf stability, the refrigeration is for quality not for safety, however whenever possible we recommend choosing a shipping option of two days or fewer.

What shipping options are available?


The shipping options we currently offer are USPS Priority mail (1-3 day), USPS Priority Express (overnight), UPS Ground shipping, and UPS 2nd day air. If you choose an option that exceeds 2 days in transit, we will reach out to confirm the order before processing. Please note that we are only able to ship within the contiguous United States, Hawaii, and Alaska. 


Do you sell wholesale, and what is your pricing?

We do! We sell in foodservice and in retail. Please email [email protected] or use the contact link below for sell sheets and a welcome packet.